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Been traveling between two cities for past few months and next few months for work...boy do I miss my SF Bay Area thrift route Great finds WGP
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock Good games last night. Not expect many fireworks tonight, though. Also, I would like to shake the hand of the man who decided to bring Barkley to CBS coverage... Agreed, Barkley has been enjoyable to listen to. Well done CBS.
Some excellent games last night. Wisconsin almost came back against Butler, too bad they just fell short. Great job to Arizona for completely dominating Duke in the 2nd half. They might have only 1 star player, but they played great as a team in the 2nd half to just demolish Duke. SDSU and BYU did not perform at the end of their games but they were good games all around. At least I have 1 Pac-10 team left to support. Arizona can beat UConn!
GO SDSU! They definitely have potential to beat UConn as they are showing early on.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sesame Seed I'd take your losing teams except for Kentucky and Richmond. Ya I don't pick teams based on favorites or popular teams but who I am rooting for to win mostly.
My Sweet-16 picks (influenced by who I want to win as much as who I believe is strongest): OSU > Kentucky Marquette > UNC Arizona > Duke SDSU > UConn BYU > Florida Wisc > Butler VCU > Flor St Kansas > Rich
Quote: Originally Posted by rekushi Wolfram Alpha Wolfram Alpha is awesome. I like Mathematica too.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheIdler Um, the ref wasn't counting slow. He moved his arm four times and then called a violation. ESPN clocked it at clearly under five seconds. They blew tons of other calls in this game--for both sides--but how the hell do you screw up your own count? Well it appears to me that he was in the process of calling the 5th second. It is close call (it looks to me like it was called on 4.5 - 4.75 seconds). I think...
Quote: Originally Posted by TheIdler Just saw the Arizona-Texas game, and boy did the refs blow things yet again. The worst was calling a five-second violation after...four seconds. Actually if you look at the replay it really was a full 5 seconds even if the ref was counting slow although Texas probably should have received the timeout. Still, I wouldn't say the refs won that game. Texas had plenty of chances at the end to both in bound the...
Trump is just playing up to the Birthers. The State of Hawai'i already proved Obama was born there. This is either a smart political play from Trump or a really silly move. Who knows.
New Posts  All Forums: