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Not that my picks have been right so far but, VCU > Butler UConn > Kentucky UConn > VCU
Quote: Originally Posted by WSW When is the next book in the series coming out? It's becoming WOTesque how long it's taking between new books. George RR martin declared that July 12, 2011 for sure Dance of Dragons was coming out. Very excited about this series. Should be excellent <3 Emilia Clarke
Florida-butler has been pretty entertaining. Really hoping Arizona can beat UConn. I was lobbying my friend who is going to the game to root for 'Zona
Quote: Originally Posted by venessian Yeah, same here...these 2 are just ridiculous compared to yesterday. I hope OSU-UK is close. I suppose VCU-FSU will be. Agree with you both, these games have gotten out of hand. Not nearly as interesting as yesterday. Hopefully the later two will provide some entertaining basketball.
Quote: Originally Posted by Yamas How can you wear one of these and maintain the classy look? By being classy. Check out Fedora Lounge for some examples.
And day 2 of Sweet 16... Hope Marquette can comeback from small deficit and make this a good game and maybe, somehow pull out the victory over UNC I dont have confidence in Richmond beating Kansas at all.
Been traveling between two cities for past few months and next few months for work...boy do I miss my SF Bay Area thrift route Great finds WGP
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock Good games last night. Not expect many fireworks tonight, though. Also, I would like to shake the hand of the man who decided to bring Barkley to CBS coverage... Agreed, Barkley has been enjoyable to listen to. Well done CBS.
Some excellent games last night. Wisconsin almost came back against Butler, too bad they just fell short. Great job to Arizona for completely dominating Duke in the 2nd half. They might have only 1 star player, but they played great as a team in the 2nd half to just demolish Duke. SDSU and BYU did not perform at the end of their games but they were good games all around. At least I have 1 Pac-10 team left to support. Arizona can beat UConn!
GO SDSU! They definitely have potential to beat UConn as they are showing early on.
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