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There is currently a very interesting and IMO important debate on net neutrality that is being shown on CNN.live I find myself agreeing with every point made by Al Franken which is shocking to me.
Not that my picks have been right so far but, VCU > Butler UConn > Kentucky UConn > VCU
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek come to think of it. I really wish Arnold could run. The girlieman jokes along would be priceless. Arnold would be a great President. Too bad too many social conservatives would never have voted for him.
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan 1. His father was a muslim. And as American Christianity's burgeoning numbers show, children always embrace the faith of their fathers. 2. His name. "Hussein"? WTF bro, you know that dude's a blackamoor! 3. He's black. And an enormous percentage of black "Americans" (but the jury's still out on that one, amirite?) of muslim. 4. He hates America. And since all muslims (and only muslims) hate...
Wheres The Herminator?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton My point was only that it's illegal for them to spend PAC $ on themselves. They really don't get all that many perqs. Much better to be in the cabinet if you want that stuff. Ah well I agree with you on the PAC point. And you are probably right about perks of cabinet vs. Senate. But the Congressional health care plan is nothing to sneeze at either. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Where do people get the idea Obama is a moslem? Any evidence for this?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton No. The current salary for rank and file Senators is 174K + benefits. Those benefits are easily worth more than 1k a year so even without the PAC comment, imageWIS is basically correct that US Senators make more than 175K a year.
Quote: Originally Posted by SeanathonHuff aren't you underestimating the importance of economic isolation, inefficient central planning, and rampant corruption? Not at all. I fully recognize all of those things (as well as economic dependence on resource exportation which is never a long term sustainable economic plan) and as I mentioned the USSR was going to collapse anyway probably within a decade. But to ignore the strategic impact that SDI...
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy well, as someone who was at the scene of the crime, I think Tribune's acquisition was not the turning point, actually (not that i have any love for them at this point, certainly). For years the Times had coasted along very successfully having achieved otis chandler's goal of becoming the equal of the East Coast prestigious papers (NYT, WP). But it didn't really know what to do after that. When Tribune bought us, they...
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