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An Improved CR#2.
Yes, I have a bottle of it... Royal is/was their "premium blended line." These bottles came out in the late 90s. Super malty. Described by their old US Brand Ambassador as "old-man style."
Bleh, Blue Duck is overrated. Central is a but noisy, but it's casual enough with great food to make it a good date spot. I used to go there about once a week when I was living out in DC and saw several couples clearly on dates. The cocktails are solid as well, so that's also a plus for a date.
Could this be soporific if it led to being placed in prison and put to "permanent sleep?"
More like the "Abyss" life form:
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Yup, saw that. Blade is made in Belmont, right across from Devil's Canyon brewery in the business park right off the Harbor exit. Such a weird spot. Yep, and both have open houses on the last Friday of every month... great way to end a month.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya My favorite two are Junipero Gin and Blade. Blade is probably one of the best gins made in the entire world right now, winning nearly every competition. That's because it's made in my old "hometown." Did you see they made a special Blade gin from curry leaves for DOSA restaurant in SF?
Quote: Originally Posted by changy Does anyone know how they prepare the caviar egg so the egg shell is cut perfectly? They use a tool called an Egg Topper.
How does this stack-up for negative space? Chocolate and fava bean cake from La Bigarrade:
Had to order this because of its name last week during dinner at Cotogna in SF: The Sprezzatura: amaro, cognac, lemon, and pineapple
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