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Any scotch fans been to Dundee Dell in Omaha, Nebraska? They claim to have the largest menu anywhere. My buddy and I planned a roadtrip andspent about 6 hours there. On a different topic, what's everyone's choice for a peated malt. I just finished a Bruichladdich and need to restock. I have a laphroig quarter cask, ardbeg 10, and old Ballantruan peated. Was thinking of a springbank 10 or bunnahabhain.......$50-70 range.
My wife got me this bottling for my 40th. A very good bottle. Enjoy it.
NWOT navy blue Barbour jacket. It is not a super-hot waxed jacket but a breathable, washable rain coat. Size is XL. Zip front with snap button cover. Collar is corduroy. There is a pack-a-way hood that can also be unsnapped and removed. Paypal only.
People should be fighting to gt these! A 9.5 and they'd be gone!
J & M for the Prez wears:
Didn't feel like searching. Was wondering what brand of suede cleaner you all use? Time to put the unlined away for the season. Thanks.
SLAB, those are beautiful. Props to the cobblers. Also, the darkening of the leather looks awesome. What color of polish do you use?
Funny, I jumped on the Americana bandwagon after seeing lots of Indys on blogs. Turned out I didn't like the aesthetic, but they were a gateway boot into other Aldens and Made in the USA products (not a bad thing at all).
someone explain to me why the shoemart suede indy captoe boot is called an "indy". just curious. fine looking boot imho.
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