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For that kind of money I'd be looking at an Isaia, Tom Ford, Oxxford, or even Kiton. You can find them on different sites for less than $3300.
Hard to say since you aren't wearing a proper shirt, but the sleeves might need to be taken up 1/4"-1/2". Great for RTW though!
PM sent on 1. NWT Polo Ralph Lauren Penny loafer driving shoes. Grainy leather 10.5D.
Do you entertain offers?
I'd like to pick up some more shirts that are of mid to mid-high range quality. My size runs 15.5-15.75" neck, 32/33 sleeve length (or 24" from shoulder). Slim fit is a must, I am a 40r with a 7 to 8" drop. The following are specs for shirts I'd be interested in buying. NWT would be nice, but will definitely look at NWOT or lightly used. White, Light Blue, Lavender, Pink, White w/ Blue Stripe: -Spread Collar -French Cuff -MOP Buttons (not mandatory) -Slim...
[quote=Quadcammer;4181783][quote=dk_ace;4181767] Quote: Originally Posted by AlexE And what have you risen to in your 6 years in the banking industry. lets face it, most retail bankers are going nowhere fast in life. Depends where you live. If you push you can go from the bottom to branch manager (85-90k plus bonus) in 6-7 years, and from minimum wage to 50-60k /year in about 3-4 years. It is an option if you can handle the depressing...
Glad I can be a part of this thread. I made my first purchase of quality footwear just recently, with the C&J Chelsea 5 boot in dark brown antique nubuck colour. They are marked as subs, and I've searched for flaws (I'm OCD from my cars to my clothes) and came up with nothing. Decent deal for $315 shipped?
Quote: Originally Posted by Unregistered Brilliant thread idea! Subscribed! Thanks for the pictures guys! Keep them coming! Where do you guys get your Saphir products? I'm looking for some after seeing the results and I'd love to know a good place to get them that hopefully ships to Canada! I recently had a great transaction with Leffot. The contact email is, they will ship to Canada (though expensive, I decided...
Would most definitely be making an offer if it was a 40R. Nice suit!
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