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I just ordered 6 CT shirts last night, 3 of which being the tailored fit white poplin. Post some fit pics and what size you ordered if possible! And to answer your question poplin refers to: strong fabric produced by the rib variation of the plain weave and characterized by fine, closely spaced, crosswise ribs. It is made with heavier filling yarns and a greater number of warp yarns and is similar to broadcloth, which has even finer, more closely spaced ribs.
I wear double cuffs exclusively with monogram engraved cufflinks.
Looking for a glenplaid or houndstooth tie, width 3-3.5". I'm looking to spend $35 including shipping. Preferably NWT/NWOT. Please PM. Cheers,
Will take: 6. Brooks Brothers non-iron slim fit thin blue stripe buttondown: 15.5-33 -$30 Please PM paypal info.
Whyyyy isn't this a 40R
First post in this thread. Did 4 miles today...using the Nike+ coach programme for half-marathon training. Have my fingers crossed my knees hold out in these first few weeks.
Damn, wish I would've been fast enough for #2
Those are indeed some crazy long sleeves...
Is the Trafalgar belt 40" total length or for a size 40 waist? What would it measure to the middle hole?
Still looking for the above...
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