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Uncertainty of professional future.
For some reason attractive and intelligent women want to associate with me. Can't figure out why, but I'll take it.
You could ask him how he feels about Hugo Boss suits. That should be fairly telling.
Glad the suit is too small, my wallet thanks you.
I have that exact pair I think, along with another silver framed modified aviator from MJ. Great glasses, high quality polarized lenses.
Glad I got out right after the game when things were just starting to be lit on fire. These aren't fans, these are morons looking for a 'cover' to do smallminded things.
Wish I could somehow justify $100 on a tie...very nice quality items!
Wish the website was in English...they could get a lot more business that way I would imagine. I'd drop a couple thousand anyway.
5 miles at a scarily slow 8'48" pace. Really dropped off the last 1.5 miles. Amazing how much endurance I lost when a tweaked SI joint sidelined me for 2 weeks.
New Posts  All Forums: