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Pleats can't be really taken out without major surgery, correct? That's what I've read which is saving my wallet from that suit.
Personally, I'd find that very strange to see. Yes a tie hangs in the way sometimes, but if you're moving at all it'll expose you're wearing a very strange shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by acularw Crossfit fits the needs of a lot of people that work out. If you do it you definitely want trainers that will show you proper form and actually enforce it throughout the workout. While classes I have seen have not been that bad, 90% of the people that try to do their own routine in the open gym have the worst form imaginable. Bad form mixed with someone going through a routine that does not give you much time to...
11.3mi at 9:00/mi pace. Furthest I've run to date, felt good.
I've been pondering signing up for Crossfit which seems like it tries to combine cardio and lifting into one coheisive fitness plan. Will report back if I go through with it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crossfit for more info.
7.5mi at about 8:25 /mi. Feelin' good.
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung I don't know how many cops were out during the game but I recall in Calgary in '04 the cops were present in force for the entire day. There was always a cop in sight. Further to this, everyone packed the bars along 17th or walked the sidewalk... folks weren't all corralled at one intersection. People were distributed widely so getting out of the area was easier. There were a few useless security guards...
Reminds me of NBA players.
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung You guys who stayed downtown after the game are part of the problem. Crowds breed anonymity and spur this sort of behaviour. This is why the cops wanted everyone to go home. I would have been out of there the second things started going sideways. A lot of people did. We left with about a min left in the 3rd right at the intersection of Georgia and Homer. Even then things were beginning to get lit on...
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