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US P.O. Box or friend near border, lifesaver for online shopping.
Despos, I will try on a different brand shirt and post pics tomorrow. I value your insight as from memory I believe you are in fact a tailor. Is it possible for you to say what could be the issue, was the collar set too low on the jacket? Again I'm a very normal 40R off the rack body type. P.S. - thanks, the tie is a PRL made in Italy, recently purchased off the B&S. Cheers.
I agree, I would imagine it'd be quite difficult to reconstruct the jacket in that way. I'm not sure if this was just a manufacturing error or if the entire line is cut this way.
Great seller, buy without hesitation.
This is a new OTR suit, which I can only assume hasn't been altered since leaving the factory. Would you say this needs to be sent back? I do not have an abnormally long neck, I've never had this issue with any other OTR suit jacket.
Currently sporting these Maui Jim Akoni's: I wear MJs exclusively, these Akoni's are made in Italy and they have beautiful optics with polarization and UV protection obviously.
Good afternoon gentlemen, I recently purchased a suit online from one of our affiliates. The measurements seemed to be a perfect fit for me on the website and I was tired of looking for a solid navy canvassed suit for under a certain pricepoint. Below I'll post a few pics detailing what is a strange fitment issue. I have sent an email to the vendor to get his input as to whether or not I should exchange the suit or simply bring it to a tailor to rectify. Looking for...
I use Skull Candy earbuds very similar to these: http://www.amazon.com/Skullcandy-INK...8785509&sr=8-1 They cancel noise quite well, and I use them running with no issues falling out except for on ultra long 10+ mile runs when they get REALLY wet from sweat. Mine also have a little slider on the cord to control volume which I find handy while running instead of trying to use sweaty fingers on the iPod scrollwheel. EDIT: I also put them through the washing machine once...
Is the Regent Custom Fit a slim cut? I'm a drop 8 roughly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flartchy Please post a photo of an average-sized, non-skinny woman, say size 10-12, looking good in a suit. (The average size for women in the US is actually 14.) I rest my case. Srsly?
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