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I can't for the life of me figure it out. I've been looking for a staple suit for almost a year. Solid navy or solid charcoal, canvassed, 2 button, notch lapel, side-vented...for a reasonable (under $600) price. To no avail, I finally ordered a Benjamin Sartorial out of sheer frustration of searching B&S for something that fit the bill. (didn't work out due to weird fitment issue) Now I'm not a crazy hard size to find, a 40R...likely the most common if anything. I'm...
I have decided to return it. Our affiliate eHaberdasher is being quite helpful and receptive to returning the suit. This is the latest Benjamin Sartorial suit, and they acknowledge that others have had the same issue though not to this extent. It is rather unfortunate because other than this fitment issue, it fulfills all my requirements at a decent $495 pricetag. So, the quest continues for a fully canvassed, solid navy or charcoal, 2btn, notch lapel, side-vented slim...
Quote: Originally Posted by otc I dunno...I get my hair cut in boys town...he might like that and give me a discount Ah, touche.
I would imagine his taste in women was picking whichever he liked and playing the "I'm the future king of England" card. Good work if you can get it.
Waiting on PM reply also...
I think I saw a pic of him in a hard three button not too long ago. Perhaps he is trying to bring it back? Atleast he didn't fasten the bottom button.
Only if the model is nude.
Woof, Alberta?
US P.O. Box or friend near border, lifesaver for online shopping.
Despos, I will try on a different brand shirt and post pics tomorrow. I value your insight as from memory I believe you are in fact a tailor. Is it possible for you to say what could be the issue, was the collar set too low on the jacket? Again I'm a very normal 40R off the rack body type. P.S. - thanks, the tie is a PRL made in Italy, recently purchased off the B&S. Cheers.
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