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Believe it or not, I still have these in my closet. Please PM offers.
Offered for sale (2) pairs of Levi's 514 34x34 selvedge dark indigo denim. The 514 is a slim straight cut for those unfamiliar with the fit. Both pairs have been washed once, cold water by hand, hung dry. Each pair worn less than 3x each. Essentially new.` These didn't shrink as much as I wanted them to, and I can't return them, my loss your gain. Purchased at downtown Seattle Levi's store for $70/pair plus taxes. Will let them go for $115 including shipping...
Offered for sale: Crockett & Jones Chelsea 5's -Dark Brown Antique Nubuck colour -9.5UK size -On the 335 last -Dainite sole -Worn maybe 5x outdoors -Marked as subs yet I can't find any issue -Comes with C&J dustbags -Always conditioned and protected with Saphir products   These boots were my first venture into fine English footwear. I wore them a few times outdoors and they look brand new still, very very slight creasing as seen in pics. Colour in person is a...
5 miles today, 8 miles on Saturday.
This is pretty straight forward. Don't eat things you know are shit, don't drink your calories (slurpees, milkshakes, pop), get a gym membership (and actually use it). Cardio (swim, bike, run) 3x /week, lift weights 3x /week. Should see huge change by 6 month mark. Right now you're about as untoned as you could be, I honestly dont see muscle anywhere.
Hard to tell since you aren't wearing a proper shirt, but the sleeves might be a touch (1/8-1/4") long.
So far every offer I've made that's been accepted, I've paid for. Maybe just a string of bad luck?
Ben, your team has been phenomenal so far. Your customer service experience is superlative.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fraiche I don't think it's the lack of love that's the problem, it's the lack of occasions for it. This might be the problem actually, does there really need to be an occassion? In any professional environment that requires a tie, wouldn't a 3-pce suit be...well, suitable?
I'll be sending mine back anyway, but I'd be interested to see if anyone else could have a tailor fix the issue. At the rate of my search, I might just be waiting for the next Benjamin model to come out and just cross my fingers the issue has been resolved. Considering the construction and quality of materials in the suit, it is curious an entire order was made this way. EDIT: Malwear, Gamma...please keep this thread up to date with what you end up doing.
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