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Quite the nice haul, but I think you should get some more p2 lasted shoes and shift them to me.
[[SPOILER]] Which last Carmina last was used for that Chelsea?
I've been going through my closet and trying to decide which shoes should go. Being a 10.5 EE, there's been a lot of trial & error with lasts and I thought I'd put descriptions on here to see if anyone's interested. -George Cleverley brown captoe oxford - 10.5 H -Quoddy loafers in unlined chocolate calico suede - 10.5 EEE -Ron Rider wingtip bluchers in dark brown calf, 42 last, 10.5 EEE (labeled as 11 EEE by Cortina) -Vass alt wein in antique cognac calf, 3636 last,...
Oh I know, I was just curious if someone already knew before I emailed Richard. I always have to do single MTOs for the width.
Namor, do you know if the 81 last comes in wider widths?
That's a no on the veldtschoen. Tricker's stopped doing that years ago. I've prodded Richard about it and he checked into it and reported Tricker's would do it for him as an exclusive model. The catch is that he would have to front a sizable amount.
eh, I'm sort of full up on bal boots and I rarely wear the ones I have. Did you have anything else in mind?
Yea, I was just saying that's a gmto for the subreddit r/goodyearwelt. One of those dark brown boots with the storm welt should be coming to me any day now.I'm always interested in a gmto. Maybe there can be some other interested parties as well.
Have something in mind that's different from the r/goodyearwelt gmto?
Did this ever gain any traction?
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