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Didn't Leaves say something about three orders of one width or was that just special widths of stock models?
+1, more derbies please.By the way, did we ever get an answer about the difference between the Sandringham and the Derwent?
That bal boots is done the 6038L last, one of Tricker's city lasts. The only other boot made on that last is a lightweight Stow with finer broguing much like the not Stows from STP.
My zug was shipped from Sweden yesterday afternoon.
A G width available without an mto? I don't think I can resist.
it's a solid foundation
I need a G width so I could be a tentative seventh. Sorry it's not very helpful but I wanted to put my name down.
Tricker's does not do veltdschoen anymore and have no plans to do it again, at least not without some funding from a dealer.
I'm fairly certain that Tricker's uses Stead repello for their suedes, does Alden use the same?
New Posts  All Forums: