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I'm fairly certain that Tricker's uses Stead repello for their suedes, does Alden use the same?
I haven't heard back via pm but I want in for 3.5 meters of the barleycorn fabric.
pm sent
Fair point, the last few times there's been a post your collection day, there wasn't much turn out.
I wonder if all 20 pairs will make an appearance in this thread?
My first pair of EGs, it's the start of what I see will be a dangerous habit.
If you're looking for sizing on the 202, here's what works for me.202 - 10.5 GAlden Barrie - 10.5 EECarmina Forest in shell - 10.5 EEEHope that helps.
Here's the J. Gilbert production list as of early February including a couple of NST boots.1. Tan WT boot, barrie last with commando sole (Feb delivery)2. Snuff WT shoe, plaza last with single oiled flex sole (March delivery)3. Color 8 Cap toe boot, plaza last with commando sole (March delivery)4. Color 8 Plain toe blucher, barrie with commando sole (March delivery)5. Navy Suede Tassel Mocc, Aberdeen last with flex sole (March delivery)6. Tan suede WT boot, plaza with flex...
I would be interested in something darker than whiskey. I've got a pair of whiskey Aldens and even after a year of wear, they're rarely my first choice.
In my experience, the only retailers that might stock anything in EE width are the Alden stores. You can play the preorder game with other stores, but when it comes to EE and EEE width, be prepared to wait.
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