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Quote: Originally Posted by wjrmonkey First time I've said, damn I need to get a 3 piece suit. nice first post
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin Those are some fine shoes. Details?
Quote: Originally Posted by cbbuff Deals of the week! No kidding! Take down the pics, it just depresses me. The ratio of noobs to staple suits must be hovering in the low triple digits.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy These are just a few things that we are working on. Wow very cool! Way to go out and win the future. Will there be tagging for B&S? When will it roll out for us plebes?
Quote: Originally Posted by Willie5566 Dropbox-Without a doubt an awesome program especially if you have multiple devices. I can have access to my documents on all my devices-PC, Mac Book Pro, iPhone and iPad. Evernote-Allows you store notes, pictures, video, etc. Like Dropbox, it also allows you to sync with multiple devices so you always have access to your notes. Both of these are fantastic. Use them or risk becoming obsolete!!! +1...
NWT Oxxford suit from their more contemporary 1220 line Slimmer cut, flat front, 2 button, side vents Oxxford probably has the most handwork of any RTW suit Really gorgeous but just doesn't fit me $895 -> $825 shipped to CONUS Jacket Measurements Chest 22" Shoulder 18.75" Sleeve 25.5" (+1") Waist 20.5" Length 30.5" Trouser Measurements Waist 35" (+2" to let out) Inseam 36.5" (unhemmed) Rise 10.5" Leg Opening 9"
Thanks Mr. Pink, that's why I love this forum!
Anyone know a reputable place in San Diego that can resole or place taps?
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