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as always, amazing. I second request for action shots
I've seen lots of briefcases in MC B&S forum. And for this beauty I think people will be willing to make an exception.
Sorry to hear about the divorce. And that first tie is unbelievable! You just made me google Battistoni.
PM sent on #4
I believe this is the look you are seeking
Quote: Originally Posted by clee1982 In stamps? what are you going to do with 1K worth of stamp? The internet desperately needs a sarcasm font
Quote: Originally Posted by stylesmurf The only issue would be if the sum is for a large amount, sometimes the post office doesn't stock that much cash That's why I always get paid out in stamps. That's cool to hear you can get paid at the PO. I didn't know that.
It's not true that money orders or cashier's checks are risk free. A bank may clear a MO initially but if they realize it was counterfeit later they can take that money back out of your account.
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