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I'm stuck in the JCrew, Banana Republic ghetto. There's gotta be something between here and Cucinelli that looks good.
PM sent on rlpl 3 and 9
chukkas kopped
PM sent on 7
PM sent on #2
Quote: Originally Posted by onix On the new B&S system: I actually did have a conversation with LA Guy yesterday as he let me access to their testing site. The new site is amazing IMHO. They solve many current problem in B&S, however, a couple of crucial things cannot easily be done/fixed (brands, fits), and that's exactly what FITisKING aims to solve. So there is little to no redundancy at the current stage. In short, this will be a long term thing,...
+1 for RSS It will be interesting to see what effect this has on the proposed change from using vB for the forum. My understanding was there would be an overhaul of B&S to something similar to this. I'm sure this will pull a lot of traffic from B&S (and resultant ad revenue used to keep SF servers humming I'm sure). Veddy interesting.
fan-fucking-tastic! I tried to do something similar with Yahoo pipes recently but eventually gave up. How did you do it?
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