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You can list multiple items if they are less than $25. But they all have to be same type (ties, PS, etc). The list price is the price of the most expensive item.
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 Those big gingham ties are full of win Agreed. I have the blue one and it's great. Wish I had paid $45 for it!
Thanks for putting this together. I've been looking for stuff like this. Also, "jean pants"
Anyone have a link to old Reevolving fit pics while we wait. I can't find anything on search.
Told you it was a trap
It's a trap! I'll take one of each in 8.5UK/9US
Quote: Originally Posted by Beatlegeuse Bolded...check out Epaulet. They have some really nice casual stuff. nice, just checked them out Now I just need to figure out a way to outsource this shit. There's gotta be someone I can pay in Hyderabad to comb these sites for stuff I want on sale.
Thanks everyone, great suggestions as usual! Forgot about thrifting but definitely need to get back into that. maybe with that and some more of the designer type stuff mixed in and my shit will start looking presentable.
Never heard of Lands End Canvas but it seems like a slightly hipper version of LE. Bought a couple shirts. Also looked at Club Monaco. I thought it was just another Structure but looks like they actually have some decent stuff +1 for Zara and H&M. Forgot about those
Quote: Originally Posted by Ace_Face Yeah, I've seen how those guys dress: qft Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix Yes, it is hard to find stuff that isn't too dressy and doesn't make you look like you're playing golf (streetwear? denim?) if you don't actually want to look. I'll bite. Where do you shop? Cause that pic seemed pretty representative of what I saw over on SWD. And all the business casual stuff...
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