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You're lucky if you're being serious. The only stuff our Macy's has are rubber soled Cole-Hann, Rockport, etc.
I would think prices should be lower on the new classifieds since you don't have to factor in the obligatory price drops.
Nah, it's nice. Maybe not 1600 odd posts nice but fish gotta swim, gotta
well that was worth it
Anyone know why some of the classified posts have a yellow background?
Hiland, I think we'd all feel more comfortable entrusting you with SF if we could see some fit pics first. SWD is ok, but MC preferred. Also, the RSS feeds from the B&S classifieds are pulling all the posts even when you have them filtered. Is there a way to get different RSS feeds when you have different filters on? Looks like the URL changes with each filter.
I see a filter for category but nothing for size. It would be nice to have tags/filters (size, brand, etc) like on Fit is King.Also if any mods are reading, the RSS feed on the classifieds pulls all the classifieds even if you have filtered on the various categories.
I get a "go to first new post" icon to the left of the thread. And it gets greyed out after I've read the thread.
You can list multiple items if they are less than $25. But they all have to be same type (ties, PS, etc). The list price is the price of the most expensive item.
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 Those big gingham ties are full of win Agreed. I have the blue one and it's great. Wish I had paid $45 for it!
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