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I tried grey undershirts so they wouldn't show as much under a white shirt but I found they were just as obvious. May depend on your skin color. I went back to white. It only matters when you take off your jacket anyways.
I would suggest not using that fabric for your first bespoke suit. It can take a few tries to get a fit you are completely happy with and it sounds like you are still unsure about pretty important details (armholes, vents). I would start with a simple navy or grey suit which is more versatile than the unusual fabric you are describing.
Anyone know how this last fits? Is it a 8US or 8.5?
I'm getting more of this vibe
I've gotten some nice stuff from
I'm beginning to think the change in B&S was engineered by Mrs. Spoo to get her husband back. Browsing posts is fun sometimes but it's frustrating having to keep up with the deluge of posts just to find a pair of shoes in your size. I don't have time to refresh 40 times per day. That's why I was excited about tagging in the new classifieds but it hasn't really been implemented. You could keep the old format and just use standardized tags for brands and sizes and...
Beware the Sartorial-Industrial Complex. This goes all the way to the top people!
He gets a pass from just for wearing a PS with his bathrobe. That's next level shit.
How many of those thousand viewers were tire kickers though? I think with the filtering of the classifieds you are going to get much more serious buyers. Maybe that fragmentation is a bad thing if you like browsing the numerous posts in the old style. There's something to be said for that. But when you really just want to buy a pair of shoes in your size I think this format is going to be so much better. I suspect this will break down along the lines of how long...
I trusted you bourbon. you're dead to me now
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