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Actually it is better for people with flat arches. They're flat because those muscles aren't being used. Those sneakers with 2" of foam may feel comfy but they are killing your feet. The arch of your foot was designed as a spring. Encasing it in foam is like keeping your arm in a cast and wondering why it's so weak.Sorry for derailing the thread
My first MTM and I'm really depressed. Got a sportcoat and pants from MyTailor and the Joe was great but just doesn't look the way I thought it would. Caveats: I know i have a dropped right shoulder and that probably makes the fit harder. Also the shirt sleeves are too long. The things I'm most concerned with are all the wrinkles in the pants and the dimples in the SC shoulders. I suspect the wrinkles in the back of the SC are due to that dropped shoulder. Overall it...
QFTThe only thing I would say is sometimes a thicker sole feels uncomfortable because it takes longer to break in. Some of those thin-soled almost slipper-like shoes are the most comfortableI think this is similar to the whole barefoot/minimalist running movement. Sometimes barefoot is the most comfortable. The arch of your foot is a natural shock absorber. Running barefoot automatically forces you to avoid a heel strike and walk more on the forefoot with less force.
thanks guys, that helps
Tried looking through a bunch of old posts but mostly long range shots. What kind of buttons do they use for suits? Wood, bone, plastic? Do you have to request one? Is there hand stitching on jacket and pants? Is that extra? What brand RTW suit would you compare it to in terms of the details (not fit or fabric). I'm sure this has been discussed before but can't find specific info.
Do Italians even work in Italian factories? I thought it was all immigrant labor anyways. Also, manufacturing clothes is a skill that is transferable not genetic. You can teach a Chinese laborer how to sew to a certain standard just as well as an Italian. Didn't anyone see Gomorra?
Great ties Ed but you gotta close down that aperture on your pics. You can only see one or two dots on the pattern. Artistic but you can't really see the ties.
It would help if you buttoned it unless you plan on wearing it like that. All the shoulders look too big to me, but I'm sure others will know more.
Sounds like this was a fun interview. I look forward to the Panta exposé.
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