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I see this repeated all the time but never with any real evidence. They are just carbohydrates, how are they causing so much damage? Someone once had a shirt wear out quickly and blamed it on starch when it could have been bad dry cleaning, hot water laundering, or any number of other things that are probably associated with "heavy starch". I call shenanigans. In fact, the starch molecules actually coat the cotton fibers and prevent them from wearing out too quickly. ...
Someone's getting his Halloween shopping done early this year! 1) Persian nightclub owner 2) Step-father with boundary issues 3) Stupid Sexy Flanders
Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy I want a woman who blows me while I play video games, makes six figures a year, looks like a model, and does all the cooking and cleaning. Step 1: Buy Birkenstock Londons
Interesting. I was looking at the 100% cashmere Pantas but they were sold out. I guess those would not be good for your regular rotation.
The Polo RL pants I tried were pretty nice but I'm looking for something really luxurious. Anyone have experience with these Margiela pants? http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/MAISON...V/sts/sr_men80 These are all 5% cashmere. Do I need to go higher to get a really soft hand?
I'm an idiot, yes bolded. Thanks Vecna.
Why are some of the thread titles highlighted and underlined?
Quote: Originally Posted by godofcoffee A lot of what SFers wear is advertised as somehow "timeless" by menswear blogs. But I feel like the timeless component is the boring, decidedly non-stylish businesswear that you could get at Mark's Work Wearhouse (that's a thing, right?). SF style, with its suppressed waists and exaggerated attention to detail, seems like pointless overkill. The only interesting stuff is the stuff that'll probably end up...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant You can save search preferences. When you are in the forum you want to search, over in the top right choose: Search this Forum >> Advanced Search. (There's also an RSS Icon to subscribe to the thread) In the following window/page, down at the bottom, center, there is a pulldown with "Save Search Preferences". Yeah, the save search preferences stores things like how far back you want to search...
I'm going crazy trying to scroll through all the B&S threads. I see the RSS link on the main page but is there a way to save a RSS feed for specific searches? I can't even figure out how to save a search. Do most people just troll the list every day? Also is there a way to hide a thread that I'm not interested in? Every time a thread gets bumped I end up clicking on it in excitement only to find out it's the same stuff I didn't want yesterday. It would be great...
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