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Sorry to hear about the bag Dron. I'm a doc who specializes in IBD so for once I'm qualified to comment on SF. It's always tough adjusting to a stoma, especially when you are young. But there are lots of people just like you out there with one, you would never know. +1 on support group. In the US the CCFA is the one I work with most. They are great. There a ton of ostomy supplies out there. Not all stoma nurses are always up to date on this stuff. You might be...
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH This thread is like the blind leading the blind. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Doc perscribed me Synthroid and I'm hoping this will give me a bit more energy Depends how low your numbers were. If they were just mildly low you might not see much of an effect.
I 2nd suggestion to use Etsy. You can submit it for bids.
Suit looks good. That knot is as big as your lapel though.
Thanks, I had seen the term divot but didn't know what it meant.
I frequently get these horizontal creases on the shoulder when I try on suits. I am a 42R and otherwise the suit seems to fit. Also I get horizontal creases in between my shoulder blades. Are these things that can be corrected by a tailor?
I think it works! The advice I heard, that seems to work well for me, is if you are matching patterns make sure they are of different sizes. And usually the tie should have bigger pattern, as in your example. Matching patterns of the same size is master's level with bigger chance of failure.
Means F you. I think it's a derivative of Go-to-Hell Pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ataturk Making the fabric stiff causes it to abrade faster, for obvious reasons. As to whether starch causes some kind of subatomic instability in cotton, or whatever, I have no idea. This is the first rational explanation I've seen. But I still suspect the effect is minimal compared to the warnings I've seen written on this forum. Quote: Originally Posted by stubloom l'll admit that I haven't, as...
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