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I'm getting confused about all the different Levis. I've heard the 501 STF are good for a cheap pair. Are they raw? Are the 514 rigids the same denim? Do they not come in a STF? How are they different from the matchsticks? These say they are selvedge so does that mean the STF are not? And where do the LVC fit into all of this?
Quote: Originally Posted by F. Corbera For example, there seems to be an orthodoxy growing about very soporific (a.k.a., "classic") neckties. At least to my eye, they are being worn increasingly here in ways that seem to show little insight into how a subdued tie might work best. An interesting experiment would be for a few influential posters to collude on starting a new trend. The SF "rules" are in some ways a byproduct of the incestuous...
Foo shall get his wallet My faith in humanity is restored Of course, "on second thought, I think I'll go with the light green one"
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal In other words.... you will have to wait and see and that is pretty much what the original SA said. And this after the whole incident was blown up over multiple boards and more than one person likely contacted them. I would bet dollars to donuts that, considering how -umm. thick? bullheaded? obtuse, yes obtuse is the word-, how obtuse you are online ...
Quote: Originally Posted by F. Corbera Few will be surprised if even more members follow this path since a business based in what you truly find interesting is deeply satisfying if you can pull it off. Not to be a downer but once you start getting paid to do it, it's a job; no matter how much you like the subject. There are many people who ruined a perfectly good hobby by trying to get it to pay for itself.
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi eBay, seconds and factory shop buyers are not The market Lobb is targeting. And yet that is who they are selling to. How many of these shoes can people who actually live in Northhampton really need? The only people "diminishing" the Lobb brand is Lobb when they sold seconds with their name on them. They can't have it both ways.
what's the leg opening on #4?
What they are trying to say is you won't find many quality (goodyear welted, non-corrected grain leather, etc) shoes at that price point. The SF-approved entry level shoe is Allen Edmonds, which you might find close to that on sale or here on B&S. Search is your friend.
That's ridiculous. If they are so worried about people selling their seconds on Ebay they should stop selling seconds. Trying to police what people do with a shoe after you've sold it to them is ridiculous. In reality it's a way to get people started on JLs. I'm sure there are many people who started with seconds and moved up when they started making more money.
Step 1: Befriend an Ewok
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