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Thanks Mr. Pink, that's why I love this forum!
Anyone know a reputable place in San Diego that can resole or place taps?
Picked these up here but not quite the right size for me. Polo Ralph Lauren Grey 95% Wool, 5% Cashmere $110 -> 100 -> 90 Shipping to CONUS included waist 17" rise 11" inseam 30.5" Mabitex Navy 95% Wool, 5% Cashmere NWT $110 -> 100 -> 90 Shipping to CONUS included waist 18" rise 9.75" inseam 37" (unhemmed) leg opening 7.75" thigh 12" knee 9.25"
I just get wheeled around Hannibal Lecter style. I think you're overthinking this. If you feel restricted when you go for a handshake the suit is too small. But if you give a hug the suit is going to move. That's just the nature of a suit. It can't fit perfectly throughout all ranges of motion.
Most RTW will have lower armholes so it's going to be more restrictive Unless it's bespoke it probably won't look good swinging your arms around but who needs it to? More important is how it looks when you're standing at the bar
The thing that always bothers me with the collar roll with tie is that the knot doesn't cover up the space. You always see the part that wraps around your neck going up into those cavernous rolls.
Here Flea
quite a few Valentini Sartoria pants on ebay for $179. Supposed to be one of the best RTW pants out there. I got two so you'll see them on B&S if they don't fit. By the way I have no affiliation with the seller (other than that link at the top of this website).
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