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I'm looking at a tuxedo I really like but it has flapped pockets. Can I just take a seam ripper to it and remove the flap? Better left to a tailor?
A little late, but any deets on this jacket Rob? I've been looking for something like this for awhile.
Actually the opposite. I didn't say he looked good.
People are responding like they've never seen pics of Foo before. That's how he's always looked.
ZOMG! He's a tailor not a magicianEdit: but seriously, keep checking B&S and the bay. All the same stuff comes up over and over. You'll find something in your size and it will be much easier to tailor it to fit you well.
+10000 Despos! This is what makes SF great
The classic suede chukka. Only tried on once. -Leydon last -Size 9D Will ship to CONUS with original shoe bags and box
I think I see what you mean. The bottom angles upwards from back to front.Thanks, I agree I should open up the quarters a little??A man's got to have standardsI think I have more square shoulders so a sloped natural look may not work. Thanks for all the advice. I was thinking of trying Chan but maybe I'll give it another shot at tweaking this fit.
Hmmm, then can one of the tailors help me out on what is the difference between my jacket: which looks very boxy to me and something from PG which looks much more fitted and stylish Is it just more of a softening of the shoulders and more waist suppression?
How is this done? Seems like all my trousers are like this. Do they just take in the extra material at the seams? Is it due to my stance?
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