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I'll bite too. @Soprano28, why are you here? Do you think you dress particularly well and want to show off - in which case, you're doing a bad job? Do you think you dress badly and want help -- in which case, you're doing a bad job? Do you not care about how you dress, in which case why are you here? You've given no indication as what you're actually doing here, or what you want from the forum, or what you think you're contributing...
TS(S) Common People EG White Mountaineering
Yohji Real McCoys EG White Mountaineering
I wanna be you when I grow up
EG Bedford and Workadays with Mister Freedom shirt, A Vontade duster and White Mountaineering shoes...
A Vontade EG Mister Freedom EG White Mountaineering
I think that on reflection the issue must be the waterproofing/ wax rather than the colouring; apparently you can't dry clean any wax jackets. There seem to be specialist wax jacket cleaners; I'll just send it to them if the Granger's doesn't help.
I bought the technical clothing wash recommended by ventile, so I'll let you know how that goes...
New Posts  All Forums: