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Just put a Y's suit I scored from Ebay on the Classifieds: http://www.styleforum.net/t/477537/yohji-yamamoto-ys-for-men-glen-plaid-suit I'm too fat for the pants. I hope it can go to a good home!
Bought this awesome Yohji suit from ebay and imported from Japan; I'm too fat for the pants. Crumbs. So, my loss is your gain. The colour is a little redder and darker than the pictures show; a gorgeous, deep, rustic terracotta colour. Rare 80's glen plaid suit from cult Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto. The item is Good condition with the fabric swatch & extra buttons. No marks no holes. And it has a little discoloration overall, but looks great as vintage. 100%...
Jacket's cool, trousers good but don't go with the jacket, trainers are just horrible.
Why is it whenever an actual conversation breaks out here someone wants everyone to shut it up?
Where is this on sale? A reverse image search revealed nothing!
I'm an English-born, English-speaking lecturer at an English university...Honestly, and please take this as constructive criticism from a pro, your survey design (spelling errors aside) is horrible. You're presupposing answers that shouldn't be presupposed, asking leading questions. ("Streetwear brands are know for their unique 'Brand Personalities' Would you agree that a brands' personality is required for something to be defined as 'Street'?" [sic]; "What does Streetwear...
I started doing this, but gave up as it's riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes, plus requires essay writing... That's really quite poorly designed, for all kinds of reasons.Have you run this by your tutor?
Yep; 100% agree. That jacket has a good vintage set of inspirations and it does work. Sure, perhaps the rest could be sharper, but that's nothing to do with the whole direction veering away from gothninja...Funny to see someone chastised for not slavishly copying the runway and being "dressed by the Internet" in the same damn thread.
I have that in brown...
New Posts  All Forums: