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Surely the old Oki-Ni model was the worst?
Looks great. I was wearing mine yesterday and got nothing but compliments. It's a real statement piece.
That's pretty.
I teach critical theory and art history at a good university and specialise in theories of the body & display - I can thus say with some confidence that I think you have a language issue, as (trust me) you're talking nonsense.
Nearly all Cabourn today (new season work wear jeans, linen Mallory, sample combo trench) - the barman in the pub I'm in now asked me if I was from the 1930s!
Another terrible photo... All Cabourn, with Hill Side scarf and Wolverine shoes... Ring by Fine Light Trading; obligatory Field Notes + Blackwing hipster journo accessories...
Love those specs! Where did you snag them?
Yep, absolutely. He's a really nice guy!
Maybe via Self Edge, if you go into store and ask them to add some boots to their order? They're stocking shirts and caps from the Lofgren collection these days.That said, John ships globally via Rakuten or by orders placed directly over email, so you should be able to order a pair of boots fairly easily, I'd think.M
I was tempted on this when it was first on sale, then in the markdowns, and now on eBay... It's already been a pricey month for me, but: should I? M
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