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Quote: Originally Posted by razuel I can fit comfortably into a 33 into NEW jeans; of course they always stretch though (I've also got about 20 pounds of fat to lose). Those were 31 in length so I'm thinking a 33 would probably work best? I'd like my next pair of raw denim to be a nicer pair-- like APC or KMW or something; so I want to nail this down perfect this time. And I think I may be confused about what my "true waist" is. Those are as low as...
Rhymenocerous? Nope, I have Bret written down here.
I have a feeling these are going to be mad-overpriced on eBay. St. Alfreds is pretty close to me, I might pick up a few pairs to resell if they still have them in stock. What a great list of artists to collabo with...can't get any better than that! Don't know if this was mentioned but Kicks/HI will be taking phone orders on Monday for whatever they have left in stock for anyone interested.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rye GB Ahhh, I'm fighting the urge to not be a snob but I'm impelled to clarify that the tee is not Trunk Ltd. All my band tees are either pick ups from shows, thrift or vintage. Found this particular tee at a vintage store in LA that thankfully not too many people venture to. As for the belt, the buckle is rather boring, just a solid black inlay stamped "Dior Homme" in a 12pt font with a 1/8" silver frame. Rye: I...
I'm pretty sure jpgm wears NB with jeans...although I can't recall the exact model.
I actually am really feeling it. I thought the first collaboration on Graduation with John Mayer was an interesting twist, followed by the single "Can't Tell Me Nothin'" and because of my other interest in house/dance music I was amazed when I heard his song with Daft Punk. I guess it isn't for everyone, but can't that be said about all types of music? And Cassie is looking uber hot in this video, especially at the end when it is just shots of her dancing.
I guess I've been busy lately. Alex & Chloe Angle Necklace: Nooka Zub 20 Zot: Even Steven Masa: And preordered the Warehouse x Sufu Collaboration (thanks to cheap's work)
I think I must have read this on the main page: "Items purchased in this section are considered CLEARANCE items and are non-refundable. These items may only be returned for merchandise credit or exchange. Please see our Return Policy for complete details." I have a feeling though if they are cut slim they are either going to fit just how I want them to or the sleeves will be too long. Good call though drizzt. I may end up ordering from them after all...
I believe I read on there that if you buy the stuff on sale it is final sale and I really don't want to be stuck around with a shirt that doesn't fit and I can't return. Even in their non-sale section suits were 50% off. Some pretty decent ties left too...but count me out from the marijuana leaf imprinted on a sweater. It does seem to appear as though they are having a hard time getting rid of stuff with the range of sizes and styles still available.
Would you mind posting measurements? I too have checked out their site a few times and although the retail prices are a bit high for me, they always seem to be having a sale of some sorts. Thanks!
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