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^ this. Mauro has gone above and beyond in the customer service department for me, as I know he has done for others.Not that it's expected, but as RKD has mentioned he's basically a one-man show with the occasional help of a few volunteers, so it's truly impressive from that perspective.Triple WvG for all night finals session. This one has it all: office bathroom, angled iPhone cam, a trash can, etc [[SPOILER]] Still deciding if the slight taper on the jeans works with the...
Test. First image post. [[SPOILER]]
Dig that vest IIIrd.Deets?
Stopped by Mauro's on Saturday to get some finishing touches done on a suit. Tried on one of the tees and ended up walking out with three different colors. Just incredibly crazy soft. GF felt one when she stopped by that night. Her exact words: "Don't be surprised when I steal this from you." Btw, sized down one for snug fit to wear as base layer.
Ahhhh liking this GP4s idea. Time for some research over at the 'Bay.Thanks!
Shitty Alex Rim cracked on me while climbing a short hill the other day; face planted. What kind of rims do folks like for mainly city riding/some longer rides in the country?? I'm 190lbs and a little tough on wheels (potholes + riding with traffic). I have an Ultegra/Mavic Open Pro setup on one of my rides, which has served well. This set would be for my eighties Eddy Merckx w/ Campy - debating going campy hubs just to keep things on the up-and-up.
Yeah I got a handwritten card as well, thanking me for my order and so forth. Main point was to really drive home the fact that "everything is guaranteed. Period."
Agree with Fries comment re. fit. If you have a well-fitted bike, you will want to get on it more often, and you will want to ride it farther all the time. You can certainly do better for your money by getting one second hand. But it will be a long process of first riding a ton of diff bikes to determine not only appropriate frame size, but also your preferred riding geometry. It would be better to hit a few shops, try some different brands and styles, and determine...
Anybody know when the current cut of STF 501s was last revised? I.e., if at some point in the future repros were made of the current cut, would they be called "2010s" or "2008s" or what? Just curious if they're due for an update anytime soon.
Was the waist stretch on these ever pinned down? Are we talking like .5"-1" ?
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