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Collared varsity with hidden snaps on the collar would be nice. use the AE pattern with it because Thats the nicest imo, maybe tweak it a bit...
Really interested in what you come up with now. Kinda hoping for a collared varsity, to make it more mature ( I guess). Also, a full leather jacket with raglan sleeves would be awesome too, the way the shoulders wrinkle on my winter varsity is just gives it so much character to the silhouette.
I am really doubting to order either a duffle coat or fishtail. How does the wool hold up in the rain? I'm not one to challenge any rain or snowstorm, but sometimes you have to. Does it soak up?
Shit, just as I've given up on this years duffle to look good you did just that thing to save it. Still curious as how that hood sits when worn.
I was about to say that, but figured it would be te easy.That bomber fit btw, perfecto...
I laughed so hard about this, Thanks!But seriously, did you really remember me saying that or did you just search my previous posts? Either way, that's creepy...
Wj4, take note.
+1 but there's no real way to tell like said previously. I don't think my winter varsity will keep up with -20c so I need to order cracked pepper or grey fishtail soooon
Curious for fit pics of the duffle. I really want to see how that hood sits around the neck. Everything else is spot on, except for buttons on pocketflaps and maybe the leather trim.
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