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   sure those aren't mine @wormwood? i remember ordering 'em extra moldy...
YOU'RE BREAKIN' MY BALLS, SF    now on .99c eBay auction...   save yourself some trouble: $500 (fees included) 
firm drop to $700 (fees included) 
– OBO –
thanks @Gavroche88, appreciate the info i admit defeat! (for now)  seller has an emotional attachment to them anyway (re: price) ... damn marriage proposal boots or something 
thanks E.   & i already own some clogs in brown destroyed horse, wear 'em regularly    they're pretty beat up though (misled again by y!/rakuten), so i could use a newer pair  
true, but also shut up shut up shut up  BTW: @eckblk @wormwood et al.  can anyone explain the difference between Carpe S45M & S25M ? 
ATTENTION, CALLING ALL ENABLERS    these bad boys have popped up on Gr@iled again –   AV_FIELD W3 HORSE       now, my trusted boot advisor @wormwood has already advised against    & i've heard corroborating opinion that maligns AV_F construction/comfort etc... buttttt they look sick as fuck so i'm still 50/50      any thoughts? 
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