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 damn @tellure that was fast! local seller?  congrats anyway; if i remember you were searching for some kind of grey boot like this for a while...
Price includes fees & shipping w/in USA; Int'l + $30 ___   A key piece from their iconic 2004 collection   Hand-knit; the collar fastens with genuine horn toggles.   Sz M – fits 48-50    Composition: 40% Wool, 30% Acrylic, 25% Alpaca    In very good condition.
Price includes fees & shipping w/in USA; Int'l + $30 ___   From AW’09: A Closed Feeling [Takahiro’s last collection under the N(N) label]   Hand-knit with a “shredded” weave along the hem and sleeve.   Sz 3 – fits 48   Composition: 56% Mohair, 26% Wool, 20% Nylon   In very good condition.
hurry hurry...   sz 43, $400 OBO     http://www.ebay.com/itm/201470023124
ahh, that's right; Faust had one for sale a while back, probably wasn't XS though 
yeah... honestly i'm only considering this now as an old Altieri grail resurfaced; really if i could afford to be a collector it would not be going anywhere...   @Lohikaarme – is this the full toggle? or was there a shawl version? i had the belted shawl cardigan at one point but it wasn't "toggled"  
probably will regret this but i'm putting an IC on my AW2004 Cloak Heavy Shawl Toggle Knit   thought i'd let y'all know here before i make a classified... so PM if interested!   (have you shrunk, @Synthese?) __   Wool/Acrylic/Alpaca; sz M; in excellent condition.   ref: (not mine but same piece)      on the runway:  
@magicalporks it fits TTS, if a bit slim at first; but the leather is thin/supple and will stretch with wear    for ref. i have the same in carbon sz 50 and it's fitted (but not tight) on my slim 50 frame      & beautiful pickup @AlexanderTG ... early KKA is quite nice!   of course the one thing i wanted was sold right before he got to my PM  
*** in b4 @sinnedk AV killa manifesto ***   those are beautiful @tiz12 – the pronounced/ "worn" grain provides a nice balance to the sleek last. is that calf or deerskin? 
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