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@nicelynice do you know the best way to reach shelter online?   wrote to them a few times via but never heard back...
baller-related:   putting an IC on my M.A+ Moleskin/Cashmere Jacket (sz 52, fits 50)   too lazy for a classified...   price is $800 firm (still like new)   original re-porter link w/ measurements & pics:   http://re-porter.ca/graveyard/cashmere-lined-japanese-moleskin-jacket/
hehe, thanks for the nostalgia; my father wore Lucchese boots... definitely respected by Gentleman of another era (but don't forget your Stetson hat!) quality was quite good too if i remember, especially the exotic leathers e.g. ostrich
on the A1923 tip...   what's thickness like on his SS'14 oiled horse/cavallo?   for ref, looking at these in particular (same pair/different lighting):    
fwiw, waist take-in is an easy alteration for most any tailor...
shameless self-promotion & eBay avoidance special::::   LUC WASHI sz 48 ~ $450 USD !!! (see sig.)    y'all sleepin'....     but to redeem myself:   Linea Micro-Lace sz 9     http://www.grailed.***/listings/63594-carpe-diem-linea-micro-lace-ankle-boots
LAST CALL   listing .99c no reserve on eBay soon
M.A+ sz 42 tall staple boots in "ebony" reverse vachetta ~ $950 USD    http://item.rakuten.co.jp/vector-fukuyama-zaou/026-201502020781/         M.A+ sz 43 double-fold short boot in black (camel leather?) ~ $750 USD   http://page6.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/f144278080  
awesome @nahneun    the blake-stiched & sleeker CD's are harder to find these days ... let alone in paint "dye"    glad they went to someone on SF
 here ya go – just posted on y!jp  s63m, sz 41, ~ $700 (material: "trojan horse death")  http://page7.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g148532701
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