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Quote: Originally Posted by Ace_Face Vintage Pringle of Scotland 100% cashmere cardigan, size 42, baby blue: $6. A little too small, but I couldn't leave it. Soon to go on B&S forum. Got pics?
I love the pattern and colour of that suit, MBreinin. I'm going to have to keep my eye out for something like it.
Okay, here's my Remembrance Day outfit. It's an orphaned suit jacket and the pants look close to the same colour in the photo, but they're pretty distinct in person. I actually have the pants, but they don't fit, so I need to take them to a tailor. The jacket sleeves are too long, right? I might take it in to the tailor along with the pants. Anything else while I'm there? Also, the shirt collar is way too loose, but I didn't have a substitute. It's marked 16.5,...
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Alright. There's a lot to criticize here, but I want to give you helpful basics rather than SF snark. 1) Pull up your pants. You are wearing them far too low, giving you the dreaded Dunlap/Dickiedo. 2) Tie is an inch too short. 3) You shirt looks to be at least a size too big in the neck, Can you fit more than 2 fingers in the collar while it's on? If so, size down. 4) That outfit commands a darker tie. You have...
Quote: Originally Posted by zbromer Haven't posted in a while. I really dig that coat. The blues look fantastic. I gotta get some pocket squares.
With my outdoor coat. Fixing my cuffs. Bonus action shot: Removing the jacket. edit: Thought I should include a closeup of the tie and shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by SimonC Invertere for Cordings tweed field coat with a wool lining, and kickass solid brass foxhead buttons on the poachers pockets. Nice find! The thrift options here aren't great, unfortunately. There are a few racks of shirts, but any men's suits or pants either don't show up or disappear very quickly. I have a feeling they go to the men's shelter that's in the same building. I'm going to have to schedule some...
New to the forum, dressing better and taking pictures of myself. I don't think I did too badly and would love any comments. I'm not sure what's up with the pants; they looked a little less puffy throughout the day. I have to work on looking less like a stiff.
How do I keep my tie bar straight? It only has one point of contact (on the tie and shirt) which causes it to sag somewhat on the right side. It never stays horizontal. Do I just look for better tie bars with a couple points of contact or continuous pressure? Do I just live with the sag?
Hey, I'm new to the forum and men's fashion in general. All I have right now are my too-big black suit from my wedding and a few thrift store finds. The 2B Brooks Brothers charcoal gray suit looks like a good everyday suit to start me off. Are you interested in shipping to Canada?
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