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Okay thanks. Will post a pic when I take one. Here's another quick one. Is this tie too light/bright? I'm trying to figure out what tie to wear with this shirt and 3-piece and I have a limited selection. Are the shirt and suit just too dark to wear together in the first place? Colours are accurate. Thanks.
Ah. I thought it was Canadian since all the links I saw were to Canadian sites. Still on the fence about the Classic navy peacoat. There look to be some pretty decent ones on ebay... but then I have to use ebay and deal with God knows who. edit: ended up not pulling the trigger. Probably for the best.
What did you get?
I'm eyeing the classic navy peacoat, but it might be more worthwhile to try to find a secondhand, better quality coat. I don't know anything about the quality of Banana Republic generally or these coats specifically. Is "78% Wool, 19% Nylon, 3% Other fiber" a good mix? Should I be looking around for all wool? It's a Canadian deal and the coupon code is BRCDAPOWER to be entered in on checkout, for anyone who's wondering.
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier I get called Inspector Gadget or Clark Kent every day on the street. This is a thing? I just got called Inspector Gadget yesterday.
Apologies for asking this twice, but I hope someone who knows sees this and can help me out. I've got a pair of suit pants that are almost destroyed at the bottoms. Unfortunately, they're at just the right height for me, so I can't just hem it. There is plenty of material inside. Can I just have someone cut out the bad section, sew the material back together and then wear the pants cuffed to hide the seam? Is it a stupid idea?
Compression is kind of making the stripes go wonky, but they're thin vertical stripes in reality. Sorry it's washed out here. Kinda looks like I'm leaning back or I need to bulk my shoulders up and get a bit leaner in the waist. The gray on darker gray isn't ideal and there's no hope of salvaging the pants that came with the jacket. I should probably be wearing brown or navy pants instead. Or just ditch this jacket and wait until my gray suit...
Things are pretty bad here. There's a section of about 20 outfits called "suits and maternity". It's got a couple SCs, a tux from a graduation and some women business suits. Plus the aformentioned maternity wear. There's generally a division of men's and women's stuff, but for some reason not in pants. So I'll be looking around, spot a nice wool pattern, wonder what size it is and find out it's a 12.
I'm a bit smaller than you, but could probably make a couple of these work. Would you be willing to ship to Canada for a bit extra? Interested in: Valentino Houndstooth & Vintage Brown 3 piece Plaid(could I trouble you for measurements? Or at least a feeling of how it fits on you and a sleeve length?) Also interested in the Southwick 2/3 Roll suit, but not sure really what colour it is. Which shot is more representative? Also digging the Polo Vintage Plaid SC, but don't...
Maybe a 40L? Go into a men's store and try some on! Here's my question. I've got some suit pants that are pretty frayed at the bottom. There's plenty of extra material from the hem left though. Can I have a tailor cut out the frayed bits and then make some sort of cuffs with the extra fabric to hide the seam, or is it just a lost cause? The one I was talking to is mostly a women's tailor and doesn't speak much English, so I either I couldn't get across what I wanted or I...
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