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Thanks for quoting those coats again. I never get tired of looking at them.
Had to go with Threadbearer on this. The fit was nice, the suit and shoes suitably monochrome, but the tie and square let us know you've got a bit of colour and character. Looks great overall and would fit in perfectly in the office. Good job!
Went to the church flea market and did okay. Got a grey wool 3-piece suit with a Tom K.T. Chui label on it, which is apparently a "Hong Kong Tailor" in Toronto. I don't know if it's MTM or what, but aside from the pants being a bit short, The suit is a pretty good fit on me. The suit has darker grey and blue in it. I should take a picture. Also got some grey wool Moore's pants, a blue "Alto" 41 shirt that could be a little longer in the sleeves, and a handful of...
Got this suit from Orgetorix in B&S. I need a shave and a white pocket square. And I like the suit Mike, but I don't know if I could get away with something that loud. I wore the houndstooth sportscoat you sold me the other day and it fits so well I think I will base my future purchases off of its measurements. Didn't get a picture though, unfortunately. I'll make sure to next time.
The trendy thing lately is to have ugly holiday tie and sweater parties. I've gotten invites for two this season.
Very nice coat, NYR. Do you wear long-underwear or just make sure to wear thick pants on cold days?
spoozy: Yeah, I'm liking everything except the tie and shirt together. oldog/oldtrix: Love the coat and hat!
Hey, just dropping a note to say I got my sportscoat and suit okay and in a reasonable amount of time (especially considering cross-border in holiday season). I'll make sure to post some feedback in the proper section. Thanks again.
Another suit I got in the mail recently. Trying different suits for fit. How do you get your shirts to not billow like this? Mine always seem to work their way out of my pants throughout the day. First Half-Windsor knot ever. The four-in-hand just looked so small with the material of this tie. Didn't get a good full on shot of it, but it was a pretty good knot.
Stan Lee?
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