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Quote: Originally Posted by zcaad9 I am 6'4" and about 170#. Does anyone know of anyone that makes a cheap(ish) 38XL suit or something similar. I'm 20 and only really need it now for special occasions and job interviews ideas? 6'4" and 170lbs can be portioned out any number of ways. Get your measurements from a men's shop or tailor. A men's shop will often do it gratis on a business card for you. As for cheap, look here, eBay, but...
What are some of your jacket sleeve and shirt sleeve lengths? 34/35 length on shirt sleeves seems to be the norm and 25" or so on jacket sleeves, which doesn't jive well with my experience. I'd have to take the jacket sleeves to about 23" to hit my wrist bone, but I'm comfortable wearing 34/35 sleeves (32/33 feel too short). Does this seem right? Maybe I'll remeasure my sleeves and possibly post some pics.
I'm just a new member, but B&S seems a like a mixture of very different types of selling that sometimes clash with each other. Some people use it to closet clean, some to make money on thrift finds, some to pass along a good deal, some use it as a retail outlet, some to sell their handmade goods, etc. I really like the "No bump without price drop" rule. One solution that I've seen used on other sale forums is listing the threads by the original post date and new posts...
Money sent.
Canada Post has two very well known time periods where you can expect sub-optimal service: The Christmas season, and then January through November.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku I personally would have passed on all those. Wouldn't have taken them even if they were all $1, to be honest. The jackets all look pretty dated, as do those ties. That wool (?) tie in the last photo on the very end looks pretty worn. I come across tons of those HK tailored suits. I've yet to find one I'm impressed with. Yeah, that's what I figured. Pretty slim pickings around here though. Slim, as in, what's...
Finally got around to taking pictures of the stuff I've picked up at the church sale the past two Fridays. Took pics of the labels of the jackets/suit because I have no idea what I'm looking at half the time. Would appreciate any feedback. Some ties: Black double breasted jacket. Too big for me. Maybe a 44? Navy double breasted jacket. This thing fits me pretty well. I wasn't expecting to like it, but I put it on and felt like Michael Caine. What I look like to...
Picked up a London Fog ("by permission") gray double breasted trench. 42L. Made in Canada. I'll take pics and provide more accurate measurement / materials if there's any interest. It barely rains here so I can't justify the alterations I'd need to make to keep it. See profile for my sizes. Could use pretty much everything, ties included, except I'm kind of burnt out on gray/charcoal right now.
If you're under 30 then you'll look like a hipster. I guess some girls are into that though.
Weird timing. I just picked up a grey London Fog 42L trench at the Salvation Army for $10. The thing's pristine! I range between S and R, but the sleeves are an okay length for me. Where is it supposed to come to on my legs?
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