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I've not been here that long, but keeping the new/used in the thread itself isn't horrible. Ideally sizes + used/new would go in the title to save people time, but I understand when there's limited space (because you're selling a bunch of stuff for instance). Leaving out information entirely like whether it's new, tie width, clothing measurements, fabric type, or pictures is super frustrating though. Including this stuff will help your sales!
Any room to let out the waist in any of these pants? I'm usually a 35 or 36.
Picked up my first camel hair blazer in my size and also a wool/viscose outerwear jacket by Swallow Fish in China. I'm biased against artificial fabrics, but the jacket looks pretty cool.
I can only speak for myself, but I always want to see pics.
Quote: Originally Posted by long_knives Sorry to rain on your parade guys, but as a semi-regular Canadian seller in the forum I have to say that I get more than my fair share of lowball offers from the Armerican bretheren. Frugality, it appears, does not respect international borders. Plus their dollar isn't quite worth what it used to be.
How do I get my tie bar to stay straight? It's always drooping to one side. Do I stop caring or do I look for better tie bars?
Agreed, Ace. Hell, the margins on retail are higher than that.
There's some good stuff in Get Carter.
I'd love that windowpane, but I'm in Canada. Be happy to send you the shipping cost for it, but I understand if you don't want to go through the extra hassle.
On a whim, I purchased the GQ 2010 Style Guide to read on a flight. I didn't necessarily like all the looks in it, but I realized that I could be dressing a lot nicer than I did. At my office I was wearing jeans + button up shirt day in and day out. I'm slowly building up my wardrobe by thrifting, eBay and B&S, but I'm definitely missing some nice staples that I'll have to get next time I'm down south in a large city.
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