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Found my first Brioni! ... And then left it. Was traveling in Ireland and Northern Ireland where there are tonnes of little thrift shops (literally like 5 on a street sometimes). Found a 44R Brioni suit with what looked like a few problem stains on the pants. The stains combined with the fact that it wasn't my size and that it was close the beginning of a day of walking around sightseeing meant that I'd leave it for someone else. Kind of a bummer, but oh well. Hopefully...
Quote: Originally Posted by ArsenalDan Tax write-off discussion Don't forget that stores have limited display space. If they're keeping around a bunch of stuff at 50% off, then they can't bring in more stuff for full price. Also, a large portion of their clientele probably come in looking for "a suit" or "a shirt" rather than having a set amount of cash to spend. While having items on deep discount might bring in some extra customers, it will...
Nice haul, Ulyanov. Going to put them up on B&S or anything? I wouldn't mind measurements and a price on the Duca Di Mantova SC. Maybe the Burberry too.
As someone who is slowly learning not to buy everything that fits, posting a few pictures here to be told that what I picked up was shit was an invaluable experience. Maybe I went into it with a less defensive mindset, but these guys know what they're doing and it wouldn't hurt to take advantage of their knowledge. edit: I had an older version loaded and missed the latest. Nice stuff, BBC! What size are the Alden Monks?
pft, bring it back then.
I've been eying that navy tux too, but I'd literally have no excuse to wear it. Maybe I should be moving to a bigger city with some sort of a formal social scene.
Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 All listings now up & filled! $250 MASTAI FERRETTI Italy PURPLE SHIRT 15.75 in 40 cm Would you take $30 shipped to Canada for this?
Got any fit pics?
Pretty dry here lately too, but it's almost always crappy. Next time I'm in a big city I'm going to thrift until I'm absolutely sick of it just so that I can stop buying stuff here when it happens to be close to my size. A double breasted ventless grey suit with pants that are 4" too small? It was only $5, barely used, and the material and construction seem nice, but still. Why would I pick this up? Maroon half polyester sportscoat? Am I going to be selling used cars or...
Those are some impressive lapels on the cord jacket! I'm also really digging the RL Polo tie, samefly. Nice find.
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