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Eep, my favourite navy blazer is about that short. I'll try to get a fit pic with it soon so I can get feedback from you guys. Thanks for the comments. I think you're right about the SC having been altered. I never noticed!
Haven't posted anything in a long time since my fairly disastrous start. I've lurked a lot, thrifted a bunch and tried to refine my style. Here's today, summer casual. I need some more trousers other than jeans, but I feel pretty safe wearing them since that's what everyone wears to work. Picked up some Mabitex from B&S, but they're way too slim for me.
... wrong thread! edit: So to actually contribute to the correct thread: I went to the Salvation Army today and picked up three pairs of pants. One off white which is maybe a touch big in the legs, one light beige from the Gap, and one dark brown wool dress pants with pleats. Nothing special, but I need more pants. Found a few SCs in 38-42 range which were meh, so I left them. The best was a 42R Moore's navy wool blazer, unvented.
I'd love that Zenga if you don't mind shipping to Canada. What size are you? I might have something in your size. edit for content: Picked up some vinyl including a couple Queen records, the Beatles White Album, a couple Rolling Stones, Wang Chung (heh), Cat Stevens, etc. There was a lot that was too beat up to take, unfortunately. edit 2: After checking, you should give it to someone else. It's probably going to be too big for me in the shoulders.
Quote: Originally Posted by Larson McCord Norman Hilton gray plaid sport coat, 42R excellent condition heavier winter weight; fully canvassed Measurements: 23 sleeve 22 pit to pit 19.5 shoulders 30 long from BOC $40 shipped Brooks Brothers tan herringbone sport coat made in Italy 37% silk, 30% wool, 33% linen excellent condition size 42S, great summer jacket 2 button 1 vent. Measurements: 22.5 sleeve 22 pit to pit 19 shoulders 29 long from...
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve Smith 1818 Fitzgerald Dark Windowpane sport coat, 52%Silk 48% Wool. Tagged 40S. Measures P2P 21, Sh 17.5, Sl 23.75, L 28. $175. (snip) 1818 Fitzgerald Sport Coat. Light Green with faint apricot overcheck wool herringbone. Two button, double vented, surgeons cuffs. This jacket looks spectacular and feels almost like silk. Tagged 41S, measures P2P 21.5, Sho 17.5, Sl 22.25, L 28.5. If it fits, buy it. You...
I keep clicking on this before I remember the inseam.
Any extra in the pant waist to let out? I'm gonna go measure some of my coats. Usually I wear an S, but this might be okay.
It depends. Post a fit pic!
Anyone familiar with "The Label"? Made in England. Picked up a blazer at a thrift store and am really digging it. It's a bit hard to google cause of the name.
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