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Wow, those are great. Should I keep refreshing B&S like mad or are you keeping/eBaying?As for myself, haven't posted in awhile, but thrifting here continues to be shitty. I am travelling to Vancouver twice in the next two months, so hopefully I will have the chance to hit up some better stores. Without sustained shopping, I doubt I'll hit anything big, but after having kept up with this thread I'll be better at knowing the good stuff when I find it.Next month I might do a...
What do you mean 6 inches long?edit: whoops, I'll PM you. I'm interested in both anyway.
It's hard to tell where your waist is because your shirt's untucked, but the jacket looks like it could be short for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by cpmac7 [[SPOILER]] That's incredible shape if it's a first edition.I vote keep until economy is better then sell. Your grandkids probably wouldn't appreciate it.
Quote: Originally Posted by kevinsp8 Pants too long. Got it, thanks. Quote: Originally Posted by kevinsp8 Sounds like you bought some nice stuff. I think most people on here got positive comments on their outfits from their friends before ever coming here. Lurking teaches you to a certain amount, but posting your outfits is where the rubber hits the road... look forward to some pics. QFMFT. I'll spend a day...
Today: Really noticing the weight I gained while on vacation here. iPhone pic this time, but it doesn't look that bad. Wish all of my shoes got in the shot and my pants didn't look quite so messed up, but you can't have everything.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teen_Suit_Wearer Thank you. Unfortunately, at my age it is pretty difficult to afford high quality, tailor-made clothing. Fit trumps everything else. Check around at thrift stores or garage sales if only to see what fits best on you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast [[SPOILER]] Looking good! Maybe something other than blue for the pocket square to contrast with shirt and pants? Quote: Originally Posted by spoozy [[SPOILER]] Looked pretty low key until I got to the shoes! Liking this shirt and tie combo a lot. Quote: Originally Posted by sns23 [[SPOILER]] Is it possible to take your pictures from a higher position maybe? The upward angle is making you look...
He's saying only evil could look that good.
Digging a page or so back for some of these. Quote: Originally Posted by mktitsworth Orge - That looks very dapper. I dig it.Do try on shirts count as what I'm wearing right now? I really like it, but how does it look buttoned up? It looks as though it could end up being a bit high on the neck, but it's hard to tell from just one pic unbuttoned, obviously. Quote: Originally Posted by IST66 [[SPOILER]] It's been said already, but this is great....
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