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Quote: Originally Posted by dub_c Anyone know where you can get chinos with some spandex stretch to them? I was digging around some of my old clothes yesterday and found a pair of Banana Republic chinos with 2% spandex. They were tight (too tight around the waist) but the stretch made it so they didn't restrict my movement. I see that Dockers has the extra-slim line with stretch, but in the photos they look a bit too slim for my taste, and I don't know...
Quote: Originally Posted by CoconutBanana I have a jacket from them that i ordered a little over a year ago, the quality is actually pretty decent for what you pay and I received my order way faster than expected it just took a little over a week. Nice, what model did you get? And how did you figure out your size? I'm thinking of getting the RO High-collar one. That jacket is sick.
Quote: Originally Posted by 1up Sweet. Will check it out after work. Any suggestions for other good places for shopping around here? Times doesn't have N&F anymore, they're featuring Alternative Apparel, but check 'em out regardless. Check out Roden Gray in gastown, that store is sick. If you're looking for denim, go to dutil. That's like denim heaven. Haven is so-so, more hypebeasty than anything. Gravity Pope on West 4th is also another...
Quote: Originally Posted by CityHunter Wasn't there some kind of Black Scissors scandal over at Superfuture some time ago? Although that has nothing to do with what you are asking, sorry. Was there? I have no idea. Any details?
Does anyone have any experience with this brand? These designs look SICK and are affordable. Can't say I necessarily have the budget for a real RO leather. What do you think?
A really, really bad craving guys!
Bump for an awesome seller!
Heey guys, I seriously am craving a pair of BoO x Sperry boat shoes. Size 9, specifically. Price can be discussed, as always, but pleaase, show me your shoes! PM me if you like.
Weren't CP's like 250 a few years ago? Goddamn..I'll never buy them retail ever again. That's retarded. I could get Aldens for that price.
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