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Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide had a solid year fiscally in 2007 selling enterprise technology (0). That's great man, good for you! Now, pass some of that wings stuff over this way..
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide I did - went with a size small. Fortunately I normally have a nice reference as w+h typically fits this Acrimony model exactly how it will fit me. So I will always get what size they do the shoot with him wearing (he is 6', about 155 lbs, 29" waist). I was surprised to see one webshop (stockist name escaping me..) who does state point blank that the mac-jack does run TTS and suggests sizing up only for layering...
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester ^ do not click this link. I got popups and some "free" security analysis that briefly took over my computer. Thanks pal. Imbed your photos next time. edit: evidently it worked for Lane. but I am not clicking it again. Sorry man! Didn't know it did that. How would I embed it? Edit: got it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear Anyone know the sizing on the sweat pants? Would a large be fine for a 33 inch waist? If that's your natural waist, go for a small. If thats the size you wear, go for a medium. I wear a 32-33 and went for a medium and they fit perfect.
Quick snap before heading over to the girlfriends place. Brand rundown: H&M beanie Nudie jacket thrifted oxford Zara chinos Band of Outsiders boatboots
Quote: Originally Posted by bowvalley2000 Didn't someone say there is going to be brown chinos? Yeah man, there are going to be brown chinos. They aren't for me, personally, but they do look sweet.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brinbro ^ You'll be wearing them daily? I guess, to me, a pair of Alternative Apparel sweatpants are just as comfy, and I can buy 4-5 pairs in different colors very easily with almost the same fit. In the end I would wear them out of the house just as much as a pair from Wings + Horns (almost never) and so they accomplish the same feat (easy loungewear). Plus, I wouldn't worry about spilling salsa on a pair of $25 cotton...
Quote: Originally Posted by MSSneaker Can we have a moratorium of complaining about the price of the sweat pants? They are obviously in a different league than Target (insert other cheap brands/stores) sweatpants. If you're interested in them and want them then they should be worth the price to you. Wings + Horns does a great job on all their sweats - it is a large part of every season from them. I keep seeing people "feeling silly" about the purchases...
I feel kind of silly for copping a pair of the navy sweats, but I defs dont regret it. These things are ridiculously soft and luxurious. Will be wearing these 24/7. In case anyone cares, I got shown a peak of what's going to be in stores very soon for Wings. I saw super cool light-coloured plaid shirts, a blue oxford, a really nice linen shirt, awesome light henleys, sweatshorts, brown chinos, and some other stuff I'm forgetting. No sign of the polos yet, however.
Quote: Originally Posted by s3lam Roden Gray got second shipment of S/S 2011 stuff! Shhh before someone cops my size in the charcoal sweats
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