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I really, really want that pink oxford.
Agreed. I don't care how expensive it is or who makes it, it instantly makes you look like a tool. That is why I bought the charcoal hoodie and then the navy sweats, so I don't look like a giant dingus.
Quote: Originally Posted by DenimFreak411 Does anyone have any pictures of the Heather Gray Large Loop Terry hoodie? Here's my story: First, I purchased a medium from Blackbird...I didn't like the fit (too tight for me), however, I still liked the hoodie...Then, I purchased a large from RodenGray -- now I'm getting doubts on whether or not I like the hoodie. Thinking about returning it now, but of course I'd have to return for store credit...
Getting sick of ignorant comments having to do with the amount of money I spend on clothes. Girlfriend decided to blurt out the price of the hoodie and sweats I was wearing in front of her parents. Never heard the end of it until I left tonight. Woooo! hahah
How bad was the warping? Because, I'm drying it as we speak. Off topic: Fuuuuuuuuck, a button came off one of my BoO shirts in the wash. I really wish Wings and Band would sew their damn buttons on better. /rant
So, my loop-terry is a little big and I want to shrink it a touch. Should I put it in the wash on hot and then in the dryer? or, just the wash then hang dry?
I'll agree that the prices are FAR too high for what they offer. The only reason why I buy stuff from there is because I work there and get a generous discount. If not, I wouldn't step foot in there. If they had mall-brand prices, there's no doubt in my mind that they would be huge and stuff would fly off the shelves.
Pardon the quality on this next fit, it's pretty nasty. Brands: Gap jacket Club Monaco cardi Band of Outsiders oxford APC New Cure Band of Outsiders Sperry's
Overall, I'm pretty underwhelmed with S/S11. Nothing really pops out to me and I don't really understand the higher price on essentially everything. The only things I like are the sweats and the large loop terry hoodies and I already have them, haha.
I think I wet my pants after looking at that F/W11 stuff. Holy shit.
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