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None of the above. Those are horrible. See -> Tanner Goods.
Gitman shirts are faaar more boxy than BoO and Wings, for sure. Generally speaking, GBV shirts are meant to be tucked in, in my eyes at least. So, they're a lot longer and flare out at the bottom. Keep in mind that's just my experience.
Snap before dinner. Pardon the quality once again guys. nudie w+h w+h apc cp
Quote: Originally Posted by hobojones Wait, wait, wait Could I get more info on this? It's just a few shirts that are made in the same factory as Thom Browne and with the same fabric. I've seen and felt the shirts and they feel quite nice, but the look didn't do much for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by golfham what's the name of this trench? Looks like the Wings mac from last year.
Bush pant fits like the typical slim-fit pant would. The anti-fit has a drop-crotch, it's more relaxed and has pretty crazy taper.
After a polish/clean, they look pretty spectacular. Pretty happy I ended up grabbing them. They set me back like twenty bucks. Not bad, if I do say so myself. Now, to buy some shoe trees..
Thank you kindly for the responses! Really appreciated. The quality feels pretty decent, but I know jack-squat about shoes. Opinions?
Can anyone ID these shoes?
I bought these recently from a thrift store and am really wondering what brand they are. All I can make out is the Made in USA stamp. Any help would be seriously appreciated.
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