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Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah you really find anything better than tupac now ? mainstream has become the search for the next club hit, underground might be ok depending on tastes but gets little to no exposure outside of those searching for it. some of it is honestly better than the trash released here. a bit older, but la caution is pretty good, sefyu is hardcore (he played for arsenal i found out ) I would say Tech N9ne and...
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah i don't care what people been saying, it died with tupac and biggie. nowhere to go but downhill after that You've got to be kidding me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Urijah1086 Should I expect any shrinkage after washing+drying my w+h blue oxford? Thanks No sir if you choose to wash it on the cold cycle and hang dry. None at all.
Got this Dunhill shirt today for 5 bucks. Good deal for a really decent-fitting shirt.
Picked these beautiful shoes up today for 20 bucks. Dont know what they're actually worth, but they're gorgeous.
Please pardon my ignorance, but I just picked up these oxblood Bally slip-ons from a local thrift store just now for twenty bucks and I'm not too sure if these are any good, or not. Any help would be much appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl natural light and freezing : flash: [[SPOILER]] You've improved so much, my Calabrese brother. Lookin good, bud.
I find myself wearing these together too often. Oh well.
Quote: Originally Posted by thatguymj How slim is the fit on these? I usually wear a med or large in most brands of polos... Should I go med or large in these? Go with a large as these are slim and cut veery short.
Quote: Originally Posted by Atleee That's right, then give him the "SF APPROVED" badge. After that, OP, you should try to get the "I sized down 3 on APC NS" badge, and do not forget the "I figured how to buy German Army Trainers" badge. Cool story bro. I was recommending TG, because they're great quality for a great price, get your head out of your ass. People like you make me
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