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Bows' hair is fucking sick. As is all of his recent fits. Just killing it, man.
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide One thing I always appreciate about your fit pics is that they're all really well done and most importantly, you look incredibly comfortable whilst still looking great. Good stuff, as usual bro.
Quote: Originally Posted by wEstSidE froosh, don't buy BoO. there is only one fit but the quality is just not there. it's not a 300 dollar shirt. it's not even a 200 dollar shirt. it's a 40 dollar shirt. Explain how you came to that conclusion. I have a few BoO shirts in my wardrobe and the sizing is really all over the place. I'm not going to lie, it's strange that I have to buy XL's or even XXL's in this brand because I'm not big by any...
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye Here's what I mean about that suit. We'd say these critters are black, but they're clearly a very warm gray. You need to be aware of that when you match things to it. I prefer to play off the palette of the black with similar temperature colors. Whatever you do, don't put a warm and a cool black together. Looks sloppy and mismatched as hell. Ace hahah.
Quote: Originally Posted by KObalto What color pinstripes? Is the suit black or charcoal (pics would help)? What time of day for the wedding and reception? It's black on black pinstripes. Also, I apologize for the curse in the title. It was super late in the evening and I was going slightly crazy. What are some combination's that some of you have worn to a wedding?
I do apologize, as I was very vague. The reception is in the morning followed by the party after 6pm. My mother says that it's a relaxed wedding, although a suit is essential. Should I go for a perfectly creased white square? Or, a silk square with pattern?
I have a wedding coming up and it happens to be my mothers, so naturally, I feel the need to look as good as I can. Problem is, I have NO idea what to wear with my suit! It's a black wool suit with very, very subtle pinstripes. I would seriously appreciate advice as to what shirt/tie/pocket-square combination I should wear. Thanks so much.
I can't quite understand the hype behind the polos. The collars are sweet, but I still don't know how to rock a polo without looking stupid.
I have a hunch that this dude wants to have sexual relations with Dan Trepanier. His tumblr is cringeworthy.
Quote: Originally Posted by WhatNow Just picked up a pair of slim twills and the buttons fell right off. Love the pants and fit but too bad the buttons are so shitty. I had two buttons fly off in the change room, so I feel your pain. Though, a very inexpensive fix, it shouldn't be a problem on 200 dollar pants.
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