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Pardon my stupidity and lack of patience to look through the thread, but if I'm a large in Gitman bro's vintage and XXL in BoO, what size should I be in RRL?
Okay..I'm begging now. I'll do a two for one if you have a XXL BoO shirt. Hell, even a Gitman oxford in large. Come oooon.
Don't make me beg, style forum.
Looking for any sort of black, or coloured topsiders in size 9 as I want to feed my addiction for sperry's. Please let me know. Thanks a bunch.
If there's anybody willing to proxy Uniqlo shirts to canada, please pm me. Thanks so much.
I'd want to trade them for your Wings oxford(s) or any Wings shirt for that matter in XL, or any Gitman shirt(s) in size L. Pm me and let me know asap. They're just sitting in my closet and have been worn a grand total of two times. They need a happy home. Thanks a lot. Michael
I scored 5 GBV shirts at a Saks outlet the other day for 150 in total. Life is good.
Quote: Originally Posted by ghostdog123 but paying $2000 for one to look like you just warred against the British on Arrakis (CCP), or just crawled out of the mire (RO) is art right? 'Nuff said. Never understood that garbage.
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide Slack, your fits are always spot on, but for christs sake, WEAR those goddamned common projects. I lose my eyesight temporarily when I see those things.
Please be gentle as this is as close to MC as I get haha. I'm trying to wear a suit as well as an 18 year old can. Will try to get better pictures up soon PS the puckering is from my arm wrapping around my special lady Suit is Zara, shirt is BB, tie, collar bar, and ps from The Tie Bar, cufflinks (no vis.) are vintage. Thanks gentlemen!
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