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Quote: Originally Posted by blazingazn is it true RGT and Rogue Territory will be in Vancouver? Times Profile Shop? Yep, starting in January until March, and then they will feature Oliver People's and then Cheap Monday after that.
Quote: Originally Posted by MSSneaker Stay psyched. You just have to commit. Wear them around non-stop for a couple days and they will start to get comfortable. Then you will get used to them, then a couple months in they will feel like all new jeans. You'll never go back to non-raw denim...unless of course you are wearing the jeans you've broken in. Spot on, on all points. Once you go raw, you'll never even think of going back. It'll seem...
Has anyone experience pulling/slight tearing on the seams at the fly? I went tts on my skinny guy's and they really aren't all that tight, but they still are pulling at the fly. It's not really a big deal, because I can always cover it up, it's just slightly strange seeing as how it's never happened with my raw jeans in the past.
Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster! Just wondering when this store is actually going to -reopen, because I have been dying to get a pair of common projects for ages and have finally decided to get a pair. I wanted to see them in person first, though. Appreciate the answer if any of you have one!
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