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Oh, my bad then! Do you know how long they will be available for?
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb If i keep my wallet in the back pocket will it get ruined by the denim bleeding? If it's a light-coloured wallet, there definitely will be some bleeding.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Aren't they available right now ...? According to the site, it says they are discontinued, unless my eyes are tricking me.
Pardon me if this is a stupid question, but are you going to make any more varsities in the near-future? I would love to buy one. I know the suede one is available, but it isn't really my thing. Thanks for any responses.
Those look awesome, man! The achilles probably don't need special treatment. After wearing them pretty hard the last few days, they feel like they can take a beating and still remain amazing. Though, it is nice to have the option to dress 'em up a bit. They're like the dress shoe of the sneaker world, if that makes any sense at all.
Appreciate it, guys. I'm now convinced. I mean, they are sneakers after all.
Quote: Originally Posted by auc2mic CPs are meant to be beat up... especially white achilles lows... they look better as they get beat up IMO I've worn mine for 3 consecutive winters and they are still in great shape That's what I figured, but everyone thinks im crazy for wanting to wear ballin' shoes normally. Appreciate the input guys.
Quote: Originally Posted by softy why are you urinating on them? Sometimes I just can't help myself..haha. So, should I really not be afraid of beating them up a bit? Everyone I know is telling me I'm crazy because I'm wearing them when it's wet out and I'm not sure what the hell to do as it is almost always wet here. I suppose I'll just admire them from afar.
Hey guys, I recently bought a pair of white low achilles and am just wondering how I should go about maintaining the leather to ensure that they last a long time. I live in Vancouver and it's pretty damp here most of the time, so I would hate to ruin them just by going about my business and getting them a little wet. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Just picked up a pair of CP's this morning when they opened up and the store is absolutely amazing, as is service. Top notch guys through and through. Will definitely be visiting again.
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