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Hoodie (N+F, W+H, RC) White v-neck tee APC NC CP's
Definitely my white achilles. For such a simple sneaker, they definitely get a lot of looks/comments.
Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks I'm a High School senior and I realize that the Styleforum dress is not too appropriate for high school because it either makes you look boring or people will ask you "why are you dressed like that" I would second the raw denim suggestion and I like the Jack Purcells as well but they're not necessary. If you have the money I would buy a pair of Common Projects White Achilles Lows. If boat shoes are your thing...
Quote: Originally Posted by Exigence I apologize if this thread is out of place and I should just come back when I am in college - but I'd really appreciate some advice on expanding my wardrobe in order to: create a more matured look to match my demeanor, prepare for the transition into college, as well as to stand out as someone who cares about his appearance among hoards of guys who wear unfitted tshirts with athletic shorts each day. Currently, I...
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Buy her nice clothes then It'll be a slow conversion, but I'll get it done. She's still hooked on the uggs/leggings thing..ugh.
Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN Was anyone's girlfriend bothered because you dressed better than her? Yeah and she's communicated this to me on a few occasions. She feels like I outshine her, for whatever reason. She thinks I'm way too dressy and as she likes to say, 'fancy'. All because I wear button ups, cardigans, etc. on a daily basis, haha.
Quote: Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak You really have to read the thread, dude. Thanks a bunch man.
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb It's a dark wallet but costs $200 so I dont want to mess it up. If it does get bleeding on it will it go away if I wipe it with a damp cloth? If it's a dark wallet, then you really have nothing to worry about. I have a fairly expensive darker wallet and I haven't noticed a single change when wearing raw denim.
Thanks a bunch willy! Is the pricing on the site correct? 260 bones for the wv?
Appreciate the replies! I'm talking about the winter varsities, actually.
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