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Duude, thats the kind of denim shirt i've been looking for. Who makes it?
Yeah, I would imagine Scott Sternberg is just floating in money. Fuck boo though, I've never been in a position where I cant comfortably wear a DOUBLE Xl shirt. I'm going to go cry my fatass to sleep now.
The quality of fabric and fit is much, much better on GBV shirts, although that's not to say ToJ shirts are bad in any way. And the sizing inconsistency is about the only flaw GBV has. Other than that, they really are the perfect shirts for guys with broad shoulders and bigger-than-ideal midsections.
Thanks a lot for the help guys! Much appreciated! I'll just try on different sizes in the store for a while and see what's best. By top block, do you mean thighs, or waist? Because, same as you, TTS would be 38 and baggy as hell. I'm not entirely sure.
Hey guys, looking to trade a couple lightly worn Wings shirts in large. In particular, I'm looking for Engineered Garments 19th century bd shirts in L, Gitman shirts in L, or XL if its an oxford, or RRL, but I'm open to any offers you might have. If you're interested, please pm me with your offer and pictures, if you can. Thanks a lot. Michael
I'm not going to bother looking through the thread, so pardon my ignorance, but how in the hell should I size for the weird guy deep indigos? They're by far my favorite pair, I just have no idea how to size, because they're stiff as hell. Thanks for any help.
Yet another wanted classified. Looking for any colour in the Engineered Garments 19th century oxfords in size large. These shirts seem to fit me perfectly, so I'm looking to stock up without draining the account completely. Please pm me if you are interested in letting one go. I am located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Hey guys, looking for any sort of Billy Reid shirt in XL. Pm me with what you have, price and measurements. Thanks so much!
Ordered two oxfords in XL. One white, one grey. The white one fits pretty good, albeit a bit big, but the grey is just HUGE. Mind-boggling. I don't understand why that is.
I am desperately in need of a (or a couple) Thom Browne oxford(s) in size 5. I can't seem to find these anywhere for my fat ass. Pleaaaase, hook me up. PM me if you can!
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