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Was just in a CM today and I must say, ontop of customer service being damn good, they're easily the best mall-brand. The sweaters are pretty awesome and the shirts fit me like a glove and are decently priced. Will definitely shop there more often.
Reigning Champ makes some pretty sweet sweatpants.
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Was in the store yesterday. Really like the space. They have a pretty big rack of Geller downstairs. Oh, nice. Did you see any Unis or Steven Alan stuff? They said they were getting Geller, as well as those two brands.
So, I sized down one from my actual waist size on my skinny guy's and they've stretched to the point where they feel and look like a relaxed straight jean. Didn't expect this to happen and it's kind of aggravating.
Quote: Originally Posted by blazingazn so nice when i saw it there. don't need something that heavyweight and i already am ordering another ToJ Peacoat or Id grab it. Makes sense. Did you try them on? Apparently from what I've heard, they're a bit boxier and cut shorter than the typical W+H stuff.
After trying on about a billion shirts the other day, I realized I'm in between a medium and a large in Gitman, which is infuriating and an xl in BoO is snug. Goddamnit, Sternberg! Make clothing for normal sized people! haha
I'm going to cop the black duffle hoodie tomorrow. Those things are too sick to resist. So glad Roden Gray got hold of them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Coal_Mining_Polak They're not perfect, there's still a little excess on the sides - but they're noticeably better than the past seasons which were the shape of a cut-out box. Can't complain with a 45% off coupon, the wool is actually very soft. I would say to anyone to never, ever buy anything full-priced at GAP. I'm an employee and I get 50% off and that's the only time I'd ever buy gap clothing. The wool is actually...
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 where did you see this? The Times Profile Shop here in Vancouver.
Quote: Originally Posted by entrero Right now N&F wallet pricing is unknown, therefore all said above are just assumptions, except for whatever123. The guy is trouble They're 125 I believe, or at least in that range. They're pretty nice in person.
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