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Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six I wasn't aware there was talk but I do this all the time. In fact imo the best thing to do with grey TF hoodies is wear a BoO OCBD (or wvsg up there looks good too) under them. Exactly. I think it's a fantastic look. On another note, does anyone know if W+H is going to release their sneakers again?
I don't understand this talk about not being able to put a button down under a TF hoodie. I do it and I think it looks great. The hoodie is snug, but not to the point where I can't layer an oxford under it. If in doubt, leave the hoodie open. Doesn't look quite as good, but I still dig it.
Could I get the measurements for the grey check shirt? Edit: I'm an idiot, nevermind.
Quote: Originally Posted by nineohtoo I've worn my hoodie maybe three or four times and it's barely gotten bigger. The only place it really stretched was my arms, but that's more due to the fact that my chest and arms probably fit better in a medium, but everything else worked better in a small. The arms on my pullover have also stretched a tiny bit as well. Pretty much just enough to be not restrictive. Really? Mine has stretched a bit in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by cl smooth anyone have opinions about the tube scarf (regular version)? Is it warm? Can I wear it for an NYC winter? Thanks! They're definitely warm. I was a bit skeptical, but when I got mine I was pleasantly surprised. Really quite warm.
Quote: Originally Posted by Poomba Hopefully they stray away from workwear. Really? I love their workwear pieces. Such fantastic looking, high quality pieces. When I think Wings, I think workwear automatically.
Quote: Originally Posted by yuljo I can't imagine there is very much money in designing for a relatively small clothing line, especially if you're not the owner. It's not that surprising though, Brian used to work for Roots before he worked for wings + horns I guess that's true. I just hope future designs don't stray too much away from what they do best.
Absolutely great seller! I can definitely vouch. Buy from this guy!
Quote: Originally Posted by HelloIDistance I just bought a pair and one of the shoes is rubbing against my heel. Actually gave me a scab from rubbing there so much. Hopefully it "breaks in" soon. How long did it take you? It took me a few days of consistent wear. Shouldn't take longer than a week or so.
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah what ? mine were buttery soft from day one Mine were buttery soft from the getgo, but the heel was kind of rigid and dug into the back of my foot a bit. Slightly irritating, but worth it.
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